Monday, April 14, 2014

Bunnies on the bus

Hello there familia.

I can't believe another week is gone. I know Spanish perfectly now. Crazy how much you can learn in one week... Okay that's a lie. I still don't know Spanish but poco a poco I'm getting better. I learned that shaking your hand here (like jazz hands) means ´No Hay´ or there's nothing. And I'm sure you're all trying so hard at this point, 5 lines in to the story of my life this week, why the subject line in Bunnies on the Bus. Well let me tell you. 

´´Bunnies on the Bus and other Short Stories from the Mission Life of Elder Gehring´´

Once upon a time there was a missionary compañerismo waiting for the micro. They got on and then saw a lady with a shoe box but thought nothing of it. Fairly large pot hole and the shoe box fell open. The lady then was a little bit more awake than before because the thing in the shoe box was mas o menos all over the bus. Bunnies. Everywhere. The gringo laughed, his compañero laughed too. 

Once upon a time there was a missionary compañerismo walking in the hot sun talking about movies . The gringos compañero asked him if he had seen "A walk to remember." He responded. Claro! and then the compañero expressed his feelings to the gringo about Mandy Moore. 

Once upon a time there was a missionary compañerismo who woke up every day at 630. And every morning there was a sound that woke the gringo up 5 or so minutes before their alarm. It sounded like a screaming child. The gringo asked if they should do something to help this child. His companion assured him it was only a rooster . 

Once upon a time there was a missionary compañerismo who had a tiny heater for their shower. The gringo one morning went to take a shower and turned on the heater. He was not very happy when the water stung. He then realized that he was being shocked with every drop of water. He didn't use the heater any more.

Once upon a time there was a missionary compañerismo who went to church on sunday. They saw a cat sleeping on the bench... in the chapel.

Once upon a time there was a missionary compañerismo who recieved cough drops as a dessert. 

Once upon a time there was a missionary compañerismo who walked in the rain and then woke up the next morning feeling that the weather was maybe 70 degrees instead of 90. The gringos companion put on sweats, a sweater, took a hot shower, and 2 pairs of socks. The gringo laughed as he was in a tshirt and shorts 

Once upon a time there was a missionary compañerismo who were talking about random things and the latin asked the gringo. Conoce Tio Sam? The gringo then realized Tio means Uncle. The gringo laughed and said Sí. 

The End. 

I hope you enjoyed my book. I'll be in the lobby signing copies in.... 2 years. 

I also this week had the best rolls of my life. Also a piña fresh off a tree. 

Apart from the funny stories that always seem to keep me going, the lessons, service and spiritual part of a mission are the things that I know I will remember the rest of my life and they sure keep me going when times are hard and let me tell you, they are hard. We had my first Zone conference this week which was amazing. We talked a lot about faith and acts of faith. And if we want our investigators to take leaps of faith, we need to take those leaps too. Elder Chavez and I were chosen out of all 100 missionaries to go to the front and demonostrate how to talk with the bishop. I was nervous but President willard said he was impressed with my questions which was a ego boost for sure. The whole thing was such a good experience to start my mission.

We also had serveral chances to serve. I'm learning fast that miracles in the mission are not always with the investigators. In fact most of them aren't. W ell thus far at least. Miracles in homes that need bendiciones de salud (blessigs of health) and other forms of service are often the most tender miracles. I've given so many bendiciones de salud this week. But I know its what I needed to be doing this week. We received 16 references this week, which is a huge number and this week our goal is to contact all of them . That alone was a miracle for us because we were struggling to find people to teach. We also taught a MA (menos activo) about the sacerdocio (priesthood) and he is super pumped to have an interview with the bishop. We are helping him organize a Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evenng) with his family and other members of the ward. 

I also started this week teaching my comp Elder Chavez more English. This has blessed him and me more than I thought. It is helping me relax more, learn Spanish faster, and it helps him realize my struggles learning Spanish. It is such a great way for us to become closer as friends and in the end better teachers. Every Latin comp that I have, which is most likely gong to be every one, I am going to teach a little English each day. Its amazing. PME (Predicad Mi Evangelio) was right again where it says that every missionary regarless of their mission language should learn English. 

I'm learning lots, my testimony is growing, and I love it here. I started a challenge this week that I want as many people back in the states to do with me. Its to read the Standard works (Old and New testaments, Book of Mormon, Doctine and Convenios, And the Pearl of Great Price) 4 times while on my mission. I did the math and its only 15 pages a day. I know it at times may be too much but I hope some people back home will try and do it with me. Send me a quick email if you want to do it and I'll make a list and follow up with you as the 2 years go along. I know its a way that will bless my life and I know it can bless each one of you. 

I love you all. I miss you all. But I love it here. Until Next week. Oh and Read Alma 32 over and over. You'll learn something new every time. Hurrah for Israel!


Élder Gehring

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