Monday, August 18, 2014

Cuidado con el perro

Hello my family.
I learned a lot this week. I learned about and got to know the hospital really well. I learned that if you don't have the spirit in lessons, things don't go so well. I learned that chicken roasted here is really good. I learned that baptisms are happy. And I learned that Cuidado con el perro is a pretty funny phrase in spanish.

First, don't worry, I wasn't in the hospital because I was sick. Its because my companion Elder Strong is the health secretary and he is always dealing with the sick people in the mission. This week during district meeting, one of the other Elders passed out and had to be taken to the hospital in a ambulance. My comp was freaking out a bit. But everything turned out okay.
This week while we were walking and contacting a few referrals, we read a sign on a house that said "Cuidado con el perro." now obviously it wanted to say "beware of the dog" but the literal translation is "Careful with the dog" Elder Strong and I got a good laugh out of it. We still are in fact. " careful with the dog" makes it sound like the dog is sensitive and fragile. So remember that you should always be careful with the dogs, you don't want to hurt them.
The end of this week was pretty good. We had a guy from Brazil attend church this sunday with his nephew. He's a member but his nephew isn't. We are working hard to help them come back! And some of the biggest news is that a family we are teaching (Wills family) got married this past thursday! They are not coming to church every sunday yet but not to worry, we are helping them. And she is going to be baptized the 30 of this month!!!

The offices are a little different. We don't teach as much, and I really miss that. We sometimes are out late talking with doctors and helping other missionaries. One night this week, a doctor called Elder Strong at 10:30 (when we are supposed to be sleeping) and told him to got to the clinic to pick up some test results. We went, waited a while, and then didn't get home till about 11:30. We were starving, so we ate fast and then went to bed. Even though the work is hard, I love working with the President and his wife.

We had Zone Conference this week which was awesome. We recited the Living Christ in Spanish as a mission. It is amazing the power this document has. It is a living testimony that Jesus is the Christ and that he lives. We learned all about how we can better invite all we meet to come unto Him. I learned a ton, and realized and came to know the importance of Christ more fully in my life.

This week I was studying a lot about the importance of the church that Christ established and the one we have today. I searched and searched and little by little I am finding that everything that we do in our church today was taught at some point by Jesus Christ himself. If someone wants to be a part of Christs church today, they would search for the fruits, the teachings, the ordinances, the classes, the organization, word for word like Christ taught. I know for a fact that His church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Love you lots. Miss you lots. The church is true. Christ lives. Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Gehring
This is a baptism of one of the other missionaries but we sang during his baptism. Also, for some reason (im pretty sure its cause I have such a powerful spirit) this white circle showed up on my face.
This is smores that I made... I cant remember if I already sent you all this one.

Here is when president got a ticket for parking illegaly. They take your plates when you get a ticket so as his secretary, I had to get them back. I decided to take a photo when I did.


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