Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I'm alive!


We finally made it here to the CCM de Colombia. Last night our flight came in at 7 or so and we met our driver outside. In Miami I met up with 2 Hermanas. Hna Ence from Hawaii and Hna Gibbs from the Woodlands! I met a guy named Mark on the plane who was getting married on Saturday in Colombia which was exciting! I gave him a picture of Christ which he thought was pretty cool.

The CCM is amazing. President and Hna Dyer are amazing. They are so excited for us to be here and I can not wait to get to know them better. Everyone here is a family. There is power in unity and let me tell you, you wouldn't be able to find a better group of Elders y Hermanas anywhere. Can I just say how perfect the weather is here? 65 high every day all year. How great is that? I am rooming with 2 other Elders. One from California and one from Australia. I don´t remember their names because they weren't wearing their name tags this morning! They have been here dos semanas so I won´t be too far behind. Hopefully. The Spanish is already coming more than I thought. I know now more than ever the only way to learn is little by little. But there is truth in by small means, great things come to pass. We watched 17 miracles last night which was a powerful experience even if it was in Spanish and I only understood parts of it. They called yesterday a ´down´ day because it was in between days when Latins report and Latins are sent off. Today we are going through interviews with Pres. Dyer and his wife and getting all our study material. The Latins come in today and I´m so pumped. They are so fascinated by us which is weird to me because I think we are so boring. I mean we are just Americans. But some of them have never seen an American before! I love it here already. The work is going forward. The field is white and this is the place I know I need to harvest. I love and miss you all. Only had about 10 minutos today so I look forward to sending you pictures next time. Until then.


Elder Gehring

PS the first thing one of the Elders said to me was ´Hey youre the tunnel singing guy right? Small world.
At the airport...

Off to the MTC!



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