Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Dia de la Madre!!

My dearest family,
I don't have much to write this week since I talked to you all yesterday but one hour is hardly enough time to tell you all everything.
A few quick stories.
1. I have never had spoiled milk until 3 days ago. An investigadora y su hijo nos dieron spoiled milk.. Well chunky milk. Well it was gross. But the pan que tuvimos with it was super biensisimo. Almost worth it. But not quite. I'm just glad I didn't get sick.... todavia.
2. We had a Noche de Hogar with a part member familia which was super fun and I taught them a new game. One person stands in the middle of the circle blindfolded, spins, and points at a person. While they are spinning everyone else switches seats. Then the person in the middle says an animal and whoever is receiving the pointing has to make that sound of the animal. And the person in the middle has to try and guess who it is. If they are wrong, they spin again and everyone switch\es again. If they are right the person who made the sound is now in the middle. Very fun.
3. There is a church that meets 3 times a week in el noche around 7 or 8. The preacher only knows english. There is a translater. They meet in a large field with large speakers. I like to listen to them becuse I know more spanish than the translater knows in english and its pretty hilarious the things she comes up with when she doesn't understand the english. I would help them but I would probably get sent home for preaching in another church.... I think I'll stick to the listening.
It was really good to talk to you all yesterday and those who I didn't get to talk to, I wish I could have and I hope the letters make up for a small part of that. This week I'm so thankful for prayer. Which seems to be a common theme for me lately. I shared this experience with Emma yesterday but I just love it. We were in a lesson and we invited the hermana to give the final prayer. She said of course and in her prayer she thanked her Heavenly Father for sending Representatives of Jesus Christ to her home. She usually doesn't read what we invite her to read, she doesn't come to church, its hard to get her to pray, but this one thing she thanked God for was spectacular. As missionaries it doesn't matter what they do or don't do but when they realize that we have been called of God to preach the Gospel, its a pretty amazing thing. Its a small sliver of light and now all we have to do is build from that light.
I love the work here. I know this is where the Lord wants me to be. I miss you all, but I know it is only a small sacrifice for the reward that the people here will recieve and the happiness I gain every day. This is the work of the Lord. He loves us and we are His children! Hurrah for Israel!
Con amor y humildad,
Elder Gehring
The egg on the head is a way of welcoming and saying goodbye here in Bolivia.

Flash flood!

They have the best rolls!

This is us eating pan called pan chola. Soooooo good.

The avacados are HUGE!!! And SOOOO delicious!

Our pensionista with the $2 bill mom sent for me to give to her. She has wanted one her whole life!

Also these are kids with kittens. Cutest thing ever.


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