Monday, May 5, 2014

Up, Down, Side to Side

Hello there.
First I've now decided that the subject in an email is key. I think depending on my subject more, or less people will read and send me an email in response. So I'm doing my best to make them catchy enough that people will actually read what happens in the life of a missionary. And now I need to explain the subject line. Actually it means nothing. But its kind of catchy right? If not I apologize. I'll try harder next time.

I also need to warn you that this weeks letter may be short and may leave you longing for more. I hope I can make up for that in the loads and loads of photos that I'm going to try and send! I finally found an adapter here in the Rotonda and I'm going to send lots. So prepare your self. Go buy ink for your printer and lots of paper. I'm positive you'll want to print out every single one and put them on your fridge.

First off a list of things I want to buy here but its against mission rules.

1. Monkeys. They cost about 200 Bolivianos or 30 dollars.

2. Guitars. They are all hand made and gorgeous.

3. Movies. they are dirt cheap. But all in spanish...

4. All the street food. It all smells soooo good but its all probably super dirty and would make me sick for a week.... almost worth it.

5. All other animals. They are pretty much free. But we can't have pets.

But really we don't need pets. There has been a wild cat living in our lot for the past week. I took pictures. It was pretty dangerous to say the least.

Also the members like to give us food. Often times we leave lunch, and go to lunch and then go straight to dinner and then have dessert at another house. I'm always feeling like I am about to die.

Also my companion, when I ask him a question, and his answer is ´yes´ he says ´yes yes yesterday´ with a strong accent. Its pretty funny.

Also I forgot how to pronounce my first word in english. Pronunciacion. I can't figure out how to say it in english.

Also in church this sunday there was a pack of dogs that ran in during testimony meeting. I thought of the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. If you haven't seen this movie, watch it, and send me and email to thank me for the suggestion.

Also, the fruit here is delicious. And huuuuuge.

Also I have a CD with the song I am His Daughter. Emma, Chelsea, Melanie. I lost it when I listened to it. I sure miss you all.

Also, the most wonderful thing about a missionary is the chance to be a part of lives that are changing. This week was especially special. We had a Noche de Hogar con un familia que tiene 3 hijos. Ellos son muy buenos y sus testimonios son buenísimos. Ellos invitaron sus amigos que no son miembros y enseñamos un lección sobre familias y los templos. Compartimos un video ´Juntos para Siempre´ y después compartieron sus testimonios y deseos para tener un familia por eternidad. Estoy super feliz y animado para continuar enseñándoles. El Epíritu es muy importante en cada lección con cada persona y yo creo que tuvimos el Espíritu en esta lección. 

Also this week I gained an even greater testimony about the power of prayer. Not only does Dios quiere escucharnos pero Dios nos ama y está preocupado cuando nosotros estamos lejos de Él. Mediante oración podemos llegar a ser más cerca de Él y podemos sentir su amor. Yo he visto un cambio grande en personas que no sabían como orar. Después de un explicación breve sobre ´como oramos´ Yo he escuchado oraciones bonitas con palabras increíbles. Yo he visto una luz viene en sus ojos de ellos después de oración. 

"We had a FHE with a family that has 3 children. They are awesome and their testimonies are very strong. They invited their friends who are not members and we taught them a lesson about families. We shared the video 'Together Forever' and afterward they bore their testimonies and their desires to be an eternal family. I'm super happy and excited to keep teaching them. The Spirit is very important in each lesson with each person and I believe we had the Spirit in that lesson.
"...Not only does God want to listen to us but God loves us and concerned when we are far from Him. Through prayer we can become closer to Him and feel His love. I have seen a big change in persons who don't know how to pray. After a short explanation about 'how we pray' I have heard beautiful prayers with incredible words. I have seen a light come into their eyes after the prayer."
I love you all. I have a testimony of the work of the Lord. He lives and loves each one of you. I testify with all my soul that He lives.

Hurrah for Israel!

Con amor,

Elder Gehring


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