Monday, September 22, 2014

Aeropuertos y conferencias

Hey there. 

So I never want to set foot in another airport in my life. I have taken the 45 min ride to Viru Viru more than 7 or 8 times just this week. We have had 2 missionaries come and be set apart this week by President, one missionary who came home to Bolivia from mexico, and also 2 times thinking we had to pick someone up but their flight got changed to a different time. I think I'm just going to walk home in the end of my mission just so I don't have to go to Viru Viru again. 

So much stuff happened this week that I dont even know where to start. I've been non stop going going going. Im a little tired to say the least. Every night this week we have had something. So im just going to make a list. Its the easiest way to write everything without my brain losing it. The following events are real and may not be in chronological order. 

1. This sunday 2 gringos walked into our priesthood meeting. They were from California. They were some of the most immature people I have ever met in my life.

2. Tramites are the worst. I dont know if Tramites is a word in English and if its not I have no clue what the translation is. Tramites wants to say the legal process of entering a country. Here we work with the lawyer and he helps us. I just have to coordinate things. This group this week was all from Tarija (A 1 hour flight from the city) They had to stay here for 2 days. It turned out that those 2 days turned into 4 because there were problems with their papers. A nightmare for me. 

3. Our laundry service that we were paying stopped. I have to wash all my clothes by hand in a small bucket in our shower. It takes all day and I'm always so tired. 

4. Number 3 was a lie. It did stop, but the assistants have a washer. We just have to walk up stairs to do our laundry. Sometimes I still get pretty tired. There are a lot of stairs.

5. I call EEUU a lot. I've talked with people from BYU campus and Church travel this week. Im trying to work out the flights of a group of North Americans who are going home in a month.

6. We were teaching a family. His name is Fernando. Her name is Monica. He loves the church. They are married. He reads the Book of Mormon. We passed by yesterday and she answered the door. She told us not to come back. The worst part was he was standing next to her. He couldn't say a thing. I was so sad to see Fernando so sad. He knows this is right, just his wife is not accepting it. Maybe in the future. 

7. We had Zone conference this week. Was it this week? I think so. We learned a lot of.... Im having trouble remembering. 

8. Just kidding, it was an awesome conference. We learned about how to effectively study so we can better our light in our life. I am doing better about taking notes while studying and then applying what I study. 

9. I went running with Pedro and Elder Garcia today. Pedro is going to start working out every day with us. Im excited. 

10. This week I learned that we don't have the resorted church on the earth, we have the restored gospel. The first lesson that the missionaries teach is La Restauración del Evangelio de Jesucristo. No dice 'La Restauración de la Iglesia de Jesucristo' Sí tenemos la Iglesia verdadera. Y tenemos la Iglesia verdadera porque tenemos las verdades y los principios restaurados. La Iglesia solamente es la organización mediante la cual el evangelio se enseña. Sé que a media que entendamos este principio, cada uno de nosotros tendremos más luz en nuestras vidas y que Dios nos bendecirá. (The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It says ' The Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ ' Yes we have the true Church. And we have the true Church because we have restored the truths and principles. The Church is the only organization through which the gospel is taught. I know half we understand this principle , each of us will have more light in our lives and that God will bless )

Don't worry mom, I feel happy always.

Hurrah for Israel!

Elder Gehring

And here are some fotos of my life in the offices. I may not be able to write for very long today. We need to go eat lunch and I got started late because President was flying out of Santa Cruz today and I had to deal with some last minute road blocks. But here are some good pictures.
The is us in Bumblebee (the name of the auto of Jared and Pedro)

Elder Strong was having a bad day so I told him to take a silly picture. He didn't like the idea. But he took it anyway.

Sometimes we take photos sitting in the Office of President....

This is Elder Vedia. He is from Yacuiba Bolivia. This is his mother and us saying goodbye to him. She cried a lot and I felt bad for her but she was happy. But also sad.

This is an interminable pizza. We bought it because some people came in to do their tramites with the lawyer and needed dinner. Its about 35 dollars. it feeds 7 or so hungry Elderes.

This is Jared. He took us home this week from a late night at the airport with a few people who were coming in to the mission. We work with Pedro also who is the Brother of Jared. 

This is me and Elder Garcia my new companion. He is from Utah. We get along really really well. I think he will be my first companion that I'm with for more than 6 weeks. 

 This is Elder Garcia and I again.

We got to help President set apart an Elder from a district here in Bolivia. Since its just a district, Presidente Willard is the stake president too.

 These are 2 people that came to the offices only speaking english. They served missions here in Bolivia in many years past. They were stopping by to give the tie clips away (were are wearing them in the photo) They are coming back this wednesday. Not sure why, but they told us they would.

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