Monday, September 1, 2014

Baptism. Obra de Salvación. Felicidad.


Well I'm sick. This week I woke up with a fever and I couldn't sleep all night because I was temblando (trembeling?) I'm not sure how to say that. But anyway, I felt kind of gross. Its a little ironic becuase my comp is the secretary of health. I took some advil and then I felt better. Then that wore off and then I felt bad again. Then the next day my throat started hurting. Now my voice is like 2 octaves deeper than normal and I'm coughing a ton and it hurts so so so bad to swallow. I'm not eating because it hurts so bad. But not to worry, I'm going to the doctor today. A clinic that is called Foianini. Its the best of the best. They have like 2 ambulancias that work for them so you could say its pretty big. 

Other than the virus infected week, we had an awesome week. Things are pretty slow for now in the offices. Until next week we won't have very much to do. When the 27 new elderes get here it will be insane in the offices. We have been preparing little by little for the army that is coming!! I got to work with president a lot this week. On Wed. he called me into his office and we had a meeting that lasted about and hour and a half. We talked about 'Como Apresurar la Obra de Salvación' o sea The work of salvation. We talked about the ward counsels in all the mission, what they are lacking, what they need, how we can help, and why some are not happening. We shared ideas of ways we can present all the results of each month to the stake presidents and the area and then we did some drawing up of some tables, charts, and informes we could do to help the stake leaders understand what is happeing on the ward levels. It is amazing to see the work of salvation going forward here. The hands of the Lord are perfectly sculpting what is to become an important centro de liderazgo here in the future. I learn so much from President Willard. He recieves revelation every day. He knows the Lords will and its such a privilage to work with him directly fulfill what the Lord has in store for this mission.

We also had a huge amount of success this week. First becuase of our baptism!!! Hermana Maxi Wills was baptized this week. She and her husband got married about 2 weeks ago (hes a less active member) and we have been visiting them for so long! She finally got baptized and yesterday she was confirmed. Elder Strong baptized her. When the Bishop called us up to participate in the confirmation we went to the front but then he also called up Omar. (the husband) It turns out he had an interview with the Bishop and the bishop said he was worthy!!! IT was the coolest thing. He got to help confirm her and then after the meeting he asked about blessing their 1 year old son. We have a date to bless him in 2 weeks. The work of salvation is going forward and its amazing. 

We didn't have a single investigador attend church and one could say thats terrible and you need to do better but we felt pretty happy. Why? Because we had 2 full families of less active members attened. Not just the mom and kids, but the full family with the dads and the kids and the parents. Did they leave after sacrament meeting? NOPE! They stayed themselves the whole time and they had such an amazing experienece. 2 families entirely came to church. We vistited each one of them yesterday and put more goals to continue attending. They have plans to have interviews with the bishop, the kids are going to seminaries, and the parents want to now go to the temple al año. We are blessed to see miracles every single day here. The happiness I saw in these families was an eternal happiness. It is one that I will never forget. They are children of God and I know they were where He wanted them to be yesterday. 

I have never been so happy in my life. I love it here. I love my families here. They literally are the best. The Church is true. 

Oh. And read these scriptures because that they are good. 

2 Nefi 26:20-33
2 Nefi 27: 20-35
DyC 88:62-84

Apply them to your lives. Live what they teach. 

Hurrah for Israel!

Elder Gehring
That's our A/C unit. Its amazing!

Also we got bunk beds. I thought the kids would like to see that. 

Hide and Seek

Fotos del bautismo

Omar y Maxi

Elder Knight, Castellano, and I

Omar y Maxi

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