Monday, February 9, 2015


I have good news and bad news.

Good news: I take lots of pictures!

Bad news: I can't figure out how to get them on the computer here! Its not letting me. 

I have more good news and bad news. Well, just bad news.

Bad news: The next monday is 'Carnavales' here in Bolivia. 
Let me explain. Every year for 3 days Bolivia has Carnavales during which every single person goes insane. No one works, everyone eats tons of chanco, and usually many people drink a little. We as missionaries have strict orders to stay in our house and to not leave for any reason. We have a program of studies and 'homework' that we have to finish during these 3 days in our house. This year these 3 days fall on Sunday,Monday, and Tuesday. The monday that is coming we will not be writing our families due to the fact that we are in our house. 

A lot happened this week so I'll tell a few stories.

1. Politics: Here in Santa Cruz right now there are 2 people running for President of Santa Cruz. Each person has their own way of pushing their campagin forward but they both involve painting ALL the houses in sight the color green. One guy paints with a lime green and the other a dark green. They pay people to be able to paint their houses. We are visiting a family who painted their house dark green. My companion was not paying attention and supported himself on the wall. His sleeve and arm were then coverd in dark green paint due to the fact the it was not yet dry. He tried rubbing it out, made it worse, and then frantically ran to a members house were he bleached the shirt and washed it out by hand. The problem was that it didnt come out. His sleeved is now stained. He and I got a pretty good laugh out of that. 

2. Companionship goal: My companion goes home in 29 days. He is not fat but he would admit that he has gained a few kilos here in the mission. He set the goal of losing weight his last month and I support him 100 percent. We (well sometimes just me) do exersize every morning and night. We run and lift weights in the morning and then at night we jump rope for a long time. We dont drink soda when the members offer us, we are cutting down on the snacks while we are in the house, and we drink a ton of water. We'll see if it works. We had NO energy the first few days of doing it but now we feel great all the time!

3. The Book of Mormon: We are teaching a man named Samuel. He is one of the most humble people I know and really really wants to do what is right. The only thing is sometimes he has a little trouble understanding the Book of Mormon when he reads it. He tries so hard to understand the story AND what it teaches that sometimes he doesnt get either one. Last night we went to go read to him. We read outloud verse by verse explaining after every 4 or so what happened and asking questions about what we can learn. We were in 1 Nefi 3 when Nefi goes back to Jeruselen for the plates of bronce. Samuel got so excited about it all, understood the concept of commandments from God, and learned a lot. The chapter ends with the Angel that appears to Nefi's brothers and without reading chapter 4 you dont find out what happend with the plates (If they end up getting them from Laban). When we finished chapter 3 Samuel asked ''And?? So did they get the plates or not?? What happened with Laban??'' etc. It was so amazing to see the joy he found from reading the scriptures. He commited to reading chapter 4 with his family and is progressing spiritually. 

This week I was also studying in Moroni 8. This chapter mainly talks about the baptism of children is an abomination before the Lord but in the end of the chapter I love what it says. In verse 25 and 26 we learn that repentance is such a necessary step in our lives. But once we repent, and recieve the remision of our sins we are given humilty, then we are given the presence of the Holy Spirit and then with that love that the spirit has, we have no need to fear. In verse 16 that ''el amor puro desecha todo temor''. 

I love you all. I have fear sometimes and for that reason I repent to be humble, I am humble to recieve the Spirit, I recieve the Spirit to be filled with love, and I use that love to conquer all fear. 

 Fear not. ''I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.'' Jesucristo
Hurrah for Israel!

Elder Gehring

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