Monday, February 23, 2015

Lots to write, little time

Hi there,

I have so little time right now but I want to write what I can. We have leadership counsel tonight, we have Elder Uceda coming in one week and transfers are in 2 days. Nevertheless, we are drowning in the work load. The monthly finance report from the zone was due yesterday and my companion started yesterday and so I am having to help him with that. Its okay, I don't blame him for not. He goes home in less than a week. We are also updating the recent converts and rescued lists to make sure everything is in line for when Elder Uceda (de los 70) comes. 

Here are a few things that have happened this week and the last.

1. Carnavales. Not much to write about these days. We found interesting new ways to study the scriptures because we were so bored and we set a lot a new goals. We also cleaned a lot. I'm sorry mom for all the times you asked me to clean and I ``cleaned``. One of the things I have learned on my mission is how to keep a house clean. 

2. Lots of rain. Its starting to rain here. We are entering the rainy season. We Bolivians here get cold and need a jacket if it gets below 80 degrees.

3. Our first Fireside in my ward that I'm in right now. It went really really well! We watched videos and we had everyone participate! About 40 people came! We were very happy. The church is true.

4. Zone Conference. We talked about the doctrine of Christ. How it is different from the Gospel, how does the doctrine of the Priesthood relate to it all. Study it! You'll learn a lot. 2 Nefi 31, DyC 121, 3 Nefi 11-26, Alma, pretty much all of the Book of Mormon.

5. Hard days and good days. Sometimes I have days that end in me by my bed praying that the next will be better. Some days end with me praying and thanking for my day I had. But what I have learned is that if we end each day with fervent prayer, we are comforted. I know He hears me and listens to my prayers. 

I love my God. He is my Father. His Son is my King and my Savior. I testify of Him.

Hurrah for Israel!

Elder Gehring

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