Monday, March 9, 2015


Hello familiy.

We have to move. This past transfer one companionship in our ward was taken out and now we are just 1 companionship. We used to live as 4 but now we are just 2. Our apartment has 4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms a living room kitchen and washing room. A storage room for our materials and air conditioning in our bedroom. We were spoiled to say the least but now its time to leave it all behind.
Its so hot here, we were sad to leave our A/C. Every where we looked  the  rooms with AC were waaaay too expensive for just one companionship. 
This week a brother in our ward called us to offer us 2 rooms in the back part of the lot of his house. We said it would be great! We went to check them out and its perfect. 2 rooms and a bathroom. Just big enough for 2 missionaries and a few extra supplies for the zone. We took pictures, got it approved by the office staff and then set a moving date (this Tuesday)
When we got to church on sunday we talked with  the brother and he came up to us telling that the rooms were ready now. Turns out he had put AC  in!!!  YA!! We are the most blessing missionaries in the whole mission. I know I shouldn't worry about if it has air or not but it sure helps the morale of the  companionship. Apart from the air situation we are also very blessed to now be living with  members and closer to our area where we teach everyday. 

Other than the exciting news about the move coming up, the work is going forth in our ward. We are starting to have family home evenings as small groups of families in the ward. 3 families in one house, 3 in another, and then every monday we switch place to help out the recent converts and recently rescued families. We are planning a movie night every thursday where we are going to show the restauracion and other church movies to help find new people to teach. Our ward mission leader is a hard worker and loves to serve the Lord. We are grateful for him and his service. This week we talked with 2 new families in the streets, well we talked with hundreds but 2 were extra special. They are married!!! That never happens here! We are now teaching them regularly and I know they will soon be baptized. In both the families, the mothers name is Esperanza. The translation to English is Hope. They have given us a lot of esperanza that the work will continue to go forward in our areas haha.

Hows the spring break going?? I heard it is really cold and rainy. You have no idea how much we would love a day that is cold and rainy! Its usually just hot and sunny here. And humid. If it rains, it just makes it hotter. And then after days of rain come days of sun... and heat. I sweat a lot and my shirts usually take a wash by hand and then by machine to get  all the way... we somewhat white again.

My compañion is from La Paz and every day has a long sleeve shirt on. I'm not sure why. I think its so he doesn't get  sun burnt.  I was forced one day this week to wear a long sleeve shirt because the others were still drying on our line from the hand wash I gave them. Mom, dad, I don't think I have been so close to death before. It was so unbearably hot. So much sweat and so so much heat. Its okay though. I drank lots of cold water and  survived. The Lord blesses  the missionaries. 

There is a man in our ward who accompanies us every single day. He is one of the funniest, most willing, and humble people I know. He is  60  years old or so and loves to eat. We have found that he looooves something called churiqui. (i think thats how you spell it.) ITs a food usually found in the streets. Its part of the stomach of the chicken and its cooked on a wooden stick. Its so good. You have no idea. it costs  2.5 bs which is about 25 cents. Its served with a little potato on the tip and  with a spicy peanut salsa. There is a  plaza in our area where a little old lady sells this stuff every day. He always accompanies us and then we buy him  churiqui. We have become such good friends with him. IN the beginning he talked a lot and it was hard to teach with him but with his help everyday, he has gotten so much better. He teaches really really well now. He bears his testimony and he helps the people resolve their doubts. We are blessed to have the help of amazing members here in Antofagasta.  

Also this week another missionary got home to our ward. That makes like 8 or 9 returned missionaries in our ward., We are growing a lot and as missionaries we are excited to see the work pushing forward.

This week I was reading about the pre-earth life, our purpose here and where we are going. I studied a little about the 1st state, and  the 2nd state. I studied about the reward for those who keep the first and 2nd states. I learned a lot and  invite you all to do the same.

Abraham 4
Alma 42
Alma 12
Moses 3

These chapters will help!

The Lord lives. He is the Firstborn of the Father in spirit and the Only Begotten in the flesh. I testify of His eternal divinity and personal love for each one of us. He is my Father and my Brother. My King and my Savior.

Hurrah for Israel! 
Elder Gehring

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