Monday, March 16, 2015

Pacú y K´jaras


Today I think I'll just make a list of things that might be interesting for you all.

1. I ate the best fish in the whole world. Its called Pacú. 

2. My companion got his flight plans. I'm going to make him work harder than he ever has.

3. I went running in the huge patio that we have now in our new house. What I forgot is that the family who lives in the main part of the house have a dog. He got scared and chased me... I was then scared and ran very very fast. 

4. We taught the family that is married again. They are wonderful. We taught the Book of Mormon to them and their eyes were opened. They felt the truthfulness of it and now are reading it daily. We are sure they will soon be baptized. The Book of Mormon is key.

5. K´jaras is pork, chorizo, with corn, and potatoes. You eat it with your hands and with lots of spicy sauce. Its very good. We cant eat pork here in the mission but we ate the corn part and the potatoes. Also the Chorizo because we can eat that. It was to help a member in our ward who is going on a mission in April. It was a great fundraiser. A less active member even came with us. We bought him a plate too.

6. We met a man named Wilbur the other day. I have never met someone here who has such wonderful and high goals for his family. We are sure he will be baptized soon. 

7. I studied a lot this week about the plan of salvation and our gift of Agency. I read in DyC 121, Alma 40, Alma 41 and Alma 36. I learned a lot about what will happen after we die. I realized that agency is a law written in the heavens and that it is an eternal gift. Forever more will we be able to choose. What street we walk down, how we act with our companions, what we say to those who reject us, what we write to our families, after the mission what school we go to, who we will marry, what job we will take, and I think most importantly, who will we follow. Christ is our savior and if we choose to follow Him we will live in His love and glory forever. I learned that we are tempted by the devil so we can choose. It says in DyC that it is necessary that we are tempted. Every choice I make I am now thinking of the eternal consequences it has. I want to choose everyday is such a way that I can progress spiritually. Daily I will choose to repent. Daily I will choose to obey. Daily I will choose to follow my Savior. 

I love the Lord. He is my Savior and Redeemer. I chose to follow Him before this life and I will forever choose to follow Him, so long as my life continues on this earth. 

Choose daily to love Him. Choose daily to become like Him. Choose daily to be changed by Him.

With lots of Love,

Elder Gehring

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