Monday, July 27, 2015

Baptisms and Surprises


This week Marco Inta was baptized. Our Bishop Olivera lo bautizó y mi compañero y y eramos los testigos. Junto con él, se bautizó un hermano Alex Espinoza. Se bautizaron el sábado y el domingo fueron confirmados miembros de la Iglesia. Soy testigo que el poder de la trinidad se manifieste por las ordenanzas. 

The whole thing leading up to the baptism was scary. We hadnt taught the second lesson (Plan de Salvacion) until 20 minutes before the baptism. The interview went well on Thursday and then se desapareció otra vez hasta el sabado. He came early to his baptism and we were able to teach him all he needed to know. It all came like normal to him. He bore his testimony in the baptsimal service and told the experience he had as he prayed to know the church was true. He said he never had a dream, he never saw angels, he never heard a loud voice, he said he simply had an overbearing feeling of happiness inside his chest that motivated him to always go to church. I think he recognizes the spirit better than I do sometimes. I am greatful for his example to me. The spirit is felt through happiness and the spirit bears testimony, (or makes us happy) when we do the will of the Father.

On wednesday of this week we flew to Santa Cruz for a Lidership Council. We talked about the importance of obtaining refferals for the new converts, less actives and investigators. We practiced helping the people we teach go through with their commitments to have a higher percentage of people baptized from those who commit themselves to be baptized. Does that make sense?? We talked about numbers becuase every number means that a child of God has recieved a saving ordinace. I worry about the numbers because God worrys about every single one of His children individually. 

Then Sunday at about 6:30pm came the surprise. We had just finished Ward Council and we were heading back to our area for a few more visits when President Willard called our phone. I answered and he asked if he could run a few things by me. He then extended me the call to serve as Asistant to the President. He asked me if I was willing to accpet such a calling and I humbly said yes. He then told me the twist of it all is that today it was going to happen even though there are 2 weeks left before the normal transfers. We visited a few more families last night, I went home and packed everything and this morning I flew from Tarija to Santa Cruz. I am now sweating again in the buring hot Santa Cruz with my new calling. Im super pumped, really nervous, and extremely humbled by the oportunity to serve with President Willard again. He is the called of God and I know I have been called by the Lord to serve here. Thank you for your love and prayers. I feel the strength that they bring me.

I learned something in church yesterday. D&C 29:35. All things are spiritual for God.

I love you all so very much.

Hurrah for Israel!

Elder Gehring
Here are some fotos. Marco is the one sitting in between my comp and I. The second foto is of us and the bishop. Then there are a lot of us in the airport this morning. Also this is the baptism of Marco and Alex. 



  1. Elder Gehring .El llegar a ser asistente al presidente de Mision,es el resultado de su buen trabajo como misionero.Cuidese mucho y que el Señor le siga bendiciendo.