Monday, October 26, 2015

The Language of Faith

Dear family,

I thought a lot about what to write today. I've learned so much and I'm having a hard time figuring out what it is that I want to share. As I pondered this morning about this week, the things I did better, the things I still am not great at and what others have taught me, my mind repeatedly was directed to the lesson that President taught me yesterday morning. He simply corrected me on a phone call I made to a few contacts we made in the street. I wasn't very persuasive as I invited them to church and President with much love, corrected me and gave me tips to do it better. But what I learned immediately changed the way I talk, think, and am. It has to do with another language that I yet do not speak. I'm great at English, and I have a good hold on Spanish. But what I still have not learned is the language of Faith. President told me to speak more of this language as I called people on the phone. I thought he simply was referring to phone calls but It wasn't until later in the day that I realized that there was much more there for me to learn.

The language of Faith is not a way to speak, it is more than using a large vocabulary, its more than teaching a lesson, it is more than just opening the mouth. The language of Faith is a way of being, of believing, a way of making others truly believe what you say and do is for their good. That is why it is so important that we speak this way with the investigators. When I made that phone call, I didn't let him feel that I believe what I say. It reflects in everything we do. We act differently if we speak the language of faith. We believe all things, hope all things... like the 13th Article of Faith says. 

The most personal example I have seen and experienced is when I had the privilege of working a little with Elder Uceda. He fluently spoke English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Faith. He didn't use any new words that we didn't know, he didn't teach a new Gospel, and he didn't just teach lessons. He arrived at every meeting showing love towards his wife, he showed humility, he greeted us with happiness and joy, he talked and acted in such a way that we wanted to do what he invited us to do. Its not that what he promised and said is written in stone, its that he spoke so fluently the language of faith, that we know without a doubt that if we do what he showed us, his promise is fulfilled. This language is a Godly attribute. Our living prophets and apostles are experts in this language. They speak in such a way that we know what they say is true. The Spirit testifies of truth spoken in the language of Faith. 

Its really hard to explain my feelings and thoughts about what happened yesterday morning but I just wanted to share a few thoughts I had. I understand now a little better what it is God wanted me to learn in this opportunity. I didn't realize all this until about 5:00 pm yesterday. 

We realized as a companionship what it was that Language of Faith means and we immediately prayed. I think it was one of the most sincere prayers I've said in a while. I asked God to help us learn this language and help others understand it as we spoke to them. From 5 until 9 our vision changed. We acted the language of faith, we spoke the language of faith, and we prayed with the language of faith many times during these few hours. We found 2 new families, 6 new investigators. 4 of which now have a baptismal date. They understood the language we spoke and we felt their happiness. 

We still have a lot to learn. I feel like its my second day in the MTC and still don't speak anything of the new language but my faith has grown more than ever.

I hope each of you will practice daily this language of happiness and joy. Speak it often, study the scriptures often which are like dictionaries to better learn this language, and listen to the chosen Prophets and Apostles who give such a wonderful example. 

Hurrah for Israel!!

Elder Gehring

Mc Tona is Mc Donalds with a bolivian accent.

Also there is an elevator selfi of the pants we bought on Monday.

This is one of me doing pushups with a 70 year old bolivian who doesnt eat meat or dairy products. I almost started a vegan diet.


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