Monday, October 5, 2015

General Conference


This week flew by. We started on Monday to a trip to the Sand Dunes which was fun but really tiring. We got stuck in Peter's car. Well we weren't stuck in the car, the car was stuck in the sand. Ill send some pictures of us digging sand out from the bottom of the car. 

Also this week we went to Tarija. We went to teach the District Leaders how to give a great district meeting. We got there and I pretended to be their district leader and they (6) were my district. We talked about our investigators, how to help them progress, we practiced, we watched videos, studied Preach My Gospel, and it all went really well. In the afternoon we went to the ZL area to do divisions with them. I went with one Elder and my comp went with the other. It was weird to be back in the same area I was in just 2 or so months ago. I was able to see the Sossa Family really fast which was wonderful and I learned a ton. I went with Elder Evans. He is a great missionary who taught me so much. Ive never seen anyone more focused on their missionary purpose. He invites EVERYONE to come unto Christ. He talks with everyone, asks referrals from everyone, and if we were waiting for anyone to meet us or something, he always found a productive way to work. Knock on some door, talk with one person more etc. We had a wonderful lesson with him where we taught a small principle about through Christ we find comfort and joy. Then we invited a sister to be baptized and then committed her to the 24 of October. Her name is Hope. I hope she makes it to her baptismal date.

The next day (thursday) we went to the actual district meeting of the DL in Tarija. I went with three of them and my companion went with the other 3. We helped them if they needed help and participated as if we were members of their districts. They did a great job! It was great to see the result of a demonstration, 6 DL who understood and then did a great job executing. Then in the afternoon on thursday we went with the other 2 ZL in Tarija. I went with one Elder and we didn't have anyone to teach. We had limited time for the exchange so I told him that we should pray! We prayed to have an immediate teaching opportunity and when we said Amen, a father and his daughter entered into their home. We ran and talked to him where he then let us in and in the end of the lesson accepted baptism and offered the closing prayer. It was a powerful testimony that God hears our prayers. 

Then we came back to our area, worked in more exchanges on Friday with 2 ZL here in Santa Cruz and then on Saturday and Sunday the conference that we all know was wonderful. I was impressed by the reverence showed by our beloved prophet President Thomas S. Monson in the Priesthood Session on Saturday night. I know he is increasing in age but I felt a distinct spirit as he spoke humbly about a principle taught to the even youngest primary children. Keep the Commandments. I was moved by the simplicity of his teachings and the power behind his prophetic voice. I felt a stronger desire to be obedient in my life as I strive to follow the Savior more. I want to teach like he taught us on Saturday night. I want to simplify the gospel to a level that allows all men to understand regardless of his conditions. 
This conference was my last here in the mission and I arrived in every session with questions in mind. I have a firm testimony that God hears us and answers our prayers. He has called men to be our leaders and His prophets. Through them we can know the mysteries of God. 

I love you all,

Hurrah for Israel!

Elder Gehring


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