Monday, January 18, 2016

Best Week Ever

Dear family,
This week has been wonderful. And the next will be even better. I can't even put into words the love I feel for Bolivia. I have learned so much and our ward here is progressing quickly thanks to wonderful leaders. We have a new Ward Mission Leader who is on top of everything. He gets the members excited, he knows Preach My Gospel, and he teaches the Gospel well.
This Sunday the 24 of Jan, 5 new members will be confirmed in our ward after their baptism on Saturday. We are so excited!! Fortunata, Trevor, Daniela, Mandy, and then an 8 year old whos dad will baptize him. Pray for them all!!
Other than that, we moved houses this week which is great because we didnt live in our area and it took forever to walk to where all our investigators are. Living in the middle of the area will help us a ton with the contact we have with investigators. We are still pushing forward with our personal goal of taking a new investigator family every week to church and yesterday new ones came! They felt the spirit as the Sacrament was passed and will return next week. 
We are teaching like crazy, everyone says yes and it really is a miracle. God has prepared so many people in our small area. We were struggling to find new investigators this week and little by little we were finding some here and there but it was our focus the whole time we talked to people in the street, looked for less actives and part member familis, or just knocked doors. During a planning session on last thrusday, we practiced, watched THe District, planned a few lessons and talked about what to do about the low new families we wer finding. My companion remembered a family he had contacted several months ago who told him to come back in January. We looked up their info in the Area Book and called them. We made an appointment to visit them on Sunday. Sunday came around and we still hadent found any new families that had a high potential to progress but our faith was in this family! We went and they are wonderful! 4 kids, 2 parents, married for 11 years. The dad expressed his deep desires to nurture, care, and raise his children. He explained how his whole life, he had tried to do good even though God and religion were never a large part of his life. We read the first verse of the Book of Mormon, talked about how he too was a goodly parent and how this Restored Gospel could change his life. He and his wife and kids accepted a baptismal date for the 14 of feb.They asked how they were to prepare for baptism and committed to repent and be baptized! THe dad the knelt with his family and offered a beautiful pray expressing his love of his family to God. As I shook his hand, he looked at me with the Book of Mormon open and said '' Ahora sí. Esto es lo que necesitaba. Este libro nos va a guiar''. With no knowledge of the Book of Mormon, he could feel its power. I once again received a powerful testimony that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.

Miracles happen and are real!

I love you all.
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Gehring

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