Monday, January 4, 2016

Christ's Example

Dear Family,
Just quick, we are excited for the Vasquez Family (Ronald and Maria) that are progressing a ton and who will be baptized in January. PRay for them. They both are scared to leave their family traditions and join the Church. Pray that they can have peace that its okay what they are choosing and that it will eternally bless them.

We had an amazing lesson with this family when we talked about the importance of following Jesus Christ. We taught part of lesson 3 with lesson 1 and read in 3 Nefi 27:20 -21 when Christ invites us to do what He did. We simply have to follow Christ in all things. I went to the scriptures looking for examples, commandments, and invitations from Christ and I realized He has never asked us to do something that He hasnt already done. 

Baptism- Matt. 3

Overcome temptation- Matt. 4

Fast- Matt. 4

Pray always- 3 Nefi 13

Be peace makers- Matt. 5 (Isaias called Him the Prince of Peace)

Take the Sacrament- Matt. 26 

And one that applies more to me now that Im on a mission is the commandment to preach the Gospel in Matt. 27. I thought about it and I realized that Christ is a resurrected being at this point. THat means He had already gone to the Spirit Prison and taught the Gospel. He came back to his Apostoles and told them to go to all nations to preach the Gospel. He always shows us what to do and how to do it. He is our perfect example. 

I feel comforted and strengthened knowing that Christ has completed all things and that if He is with me, I too can complete all things that the Father asks of me. I wont be perfect but thats why Christ then suffered and made up the difference when I fall short. 

Love you all,
Hurrah for Israel!

Elder Gehring
Before and after of New years eve dinner and lunch. We ate so much. Also this is my Pensionistas house.


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