Monday, February 22, 2016

For me a sinner...

Dear Family,
This week had a hard ending because we didnt get to go to church. Here in Bolivia when there are elections it is prohibited have large group meetings (especially religous) so we stayed inside all day yesterday. But we had things to study and I learned a lot about how to teach repentance and baptize converts.
The rest of the week went well. A family of Investigators had a sad moment in their life as one of their grandparents passed away. We went and taught them not knowing what to say. As we searched our minds for something to say in such a hard situation, the wife (whos grandpa had died) commented on the church in general, we asked a few questions and testified about the life to come. She then bursted into tears expressing her thoughts and feelings on the whole time she has passed with the missionaries. Apparently before her grandpa passed away, he too was listening to the missionaries. When she went to the funeral, 8 Elders (from the other mission) were there helping attend family needs, clean the house, and so on. She recieved a testimony of the truthfulness of our message in one of the hardest ways possible but her testimony touched our hearts. Her and her husband are planning on being baptized in the first weeks in march. The Lord prepares his children!

I had several intercambios this week which helped me learn a lot from other missionaries. I stayed in my area here in La Colorada and Elder Lockling went to Jardin del Sur to be with our district leader. Elder Navarrette (the companion of our Distict leader came here with me. In our area with Elder Navarrette we were able to find several new investigatos who will progress and one man who has been through a major accident and cant move his body. We are hoping that the videos we leave him will help his faith in Christ grow. 

Then I had an intercambio with Elder Peña (one of the assitants) and it was one of the best learning moments I've ever had. From the moment I was with him, he inspired me to be better. I was deeply impressed by his maturity and his pure testimony of conversion. He helped me see how to testify when I dont know what else to say and he showed reverence in every moment which caused the people we taught to see him as a representative of Christ. Thats somthing I need to work on a lot. At 8pm I went back to my area and elder Lockling and I found a new family at who expressed their true desires to come unto Christ. We are excited to teach them. Their name is the Tapendaba family.

This week that is coming up, we are in charge of holding the zone conference for our zone. We planned our Zone Conference with the Sister Training leaders and we are all nervous but excited to see the growth of the zone. We analized our numbers for the past several months and looked for a common need in the zone. Elder Lockling saw that the inv. with fecha stay consistant but not the baptisms. We based our planning on that. We feel like it will be a good meeting!

I also wanted to share quickly something that I learned in Mosiah 14. I read it over and over and over again this week. I am impressed and deeply humbled by the way Abiniadi quotes Isaiah. In spanish when I read it made me see what it means for me. Isaiah doesnt use ''ellos'' or ''them'' when referring to the way Jesus was treated. He uses the verb conjugations of ''nosotros'' or ''we''. I realized how much pain I cause and caused Christ when he died. We have gone astray, we cause him pain, we hid our faces, we did this to Him but yet His stripes heal us. Yet, He forgives us. He loves us. He saves us. I cant even imagine how hard it was for Him and it makes me so sad to think that I am the one who did it to Him. It makes me hate sin and look to be better. I am humbled to know that for me he was crucified. That for me, a sinner, he suffered, he bled, and died.
Hurrah for Israel!!
I love you all,
Elder Gehring

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