Monday, November 3, 2014

La semana de milagros

Hello my family,

I have a goal: To see more miracles. Sometimes I'm not very good at it. Sometimes the other stuff gets in the way. Sometimes its just hard to see them.

We work in the offices and we don't get to work all day like normal missionaries. Sometimes that's hard. 

We are teaching a less active member named Fabio. He showed us his certificate of ordination to the priesthood so we know he was baptized. The hard thing is when our ward here asked for the ficha (I'm not sure how you call that in english) they couldn't find it. He doesnt exist in the church records. We have a few more things to verify but I'm not sure how to tell him that technically following the records he isnt a member. But the miracle inside all of this is his goals and plans to get better about the word of wisdom. I know now how powerful support from other people is. His home teachers, his nephew, us and his friend all signed a paper to agree to help him achieve his goals. I know he felt our support and I know he felt our love. It was a miracle to see the influance of members in the ward.

Also this week we sent all the old people home. I realized that I would have gone to the airport with Chelsea if she was in my mission. I still don't like going to the airport. I did the first time but now its just a long drive. And one time a taxi driver covered me (im not sure if thats how you say it) 100bs to get to the airport. I told him I wasn't going to pay that and then he said 90bs. Still a ton of money for a ride to the airport. 

Also I am going to start taking more pictures. 

Also we went hammock shopping this week. Hna Willard slipped me a secret note saying she needed my help looking for a hammock for presidents birthday. We went with hno Pedro (one of the members in our ward) and we went hammock shopping! It was filled of laughs and smiles. We took pictures and we found one that I think president will like! Ill send pictures when we gift it to him! Tell me what color you want and I'll buy one for you. They are pretty.

We are teaching a lady and her family. She has a daughter that has 5 years and reminds me of melanie. I'll send you fotos when I take them. The mom is going to be baptized this month and then her sister and her brother in-law will enter the water soon after. 

We have entered the hottest time of the year. I give off at least my own body weight in sweat every day. Some places it hits like 50 degrees (celcius). But here in the city usually only about 43.

Also I love mangos. In about a month there will be so many that people will give them away because they have so many.

Our chapel was remodeled. We now have 2 rows of chairs in the front and a moving pulpit!!!! Its a huge blessing here. 

Love you all lots and lots. 

Hurrah for Israel!

Elder Gehring

A toddler throwing a fit in the airport and I had to take a picture!


Halloween pizza

His name is Ian. He has 1 year and 6 months.

Our chapel in the center.

Pedro and Elder Garcia with a giant hammock.

What my street looks like.

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