Monday, November 17, 2014

La Semana de Milagros

This week was full of joy and gladness. 

A few things about what I want to share.

1. We met Jorge this week. One day we were running late so we ran to the offices. Our normal elevator that we take was broken so we went to the other side of the offices to take the elevator. We enter with a man. We talk to him. He asks us is we are from the Church of Jesus Christ. We tell him yes. We ask if he is a member. He says ''No, pero quiero ser''. We teach him the next day, he loves the gospel. He comes to our baptism. He comes to church telling everyone he is a member. He will be baptized the 6th of December. We are happy and he is even happier. 

2. One of our less active members baptized his daughter. It is amazing to see such a big transformation. He used to be an Elders Quorum president but has been less active for many years. We are teaching him and his family. He baptized his daughter this week and sunday he confirmed her a member of the Church. He was so nervous but the spirit guided him. He is a wonderful person. We will continue to work with the members so they give him extra support these coming weeks.

3. Grace and Mercy. Mostly this is for you dad but also for Chelsea and Emma and Mom and everyone else!

I studied a lot this week on these 2 topics. I learned a lot too. This is what I understand. It was hard to only study these topics alone. A lot of it goes into the Plan of Salvation and the Atonement and everything really.

First off. The Fall.

When Adam fell, 2 deaths entered the world. Physical and Spiritual. Before being born we knew that upon coming to earth we would die spiritually and be subject to die physically. We are not responsible for the fall but we suffer from the effects of said fall. 

When we were born we died spiritually (separated from God) and now are mortal. Everyone in the world is spiritually dead because we are not in the presence of God. 

Second. The Atonement. 

Christ suffered, died, and resurrected. These 3 acts payed for in full the effects of the fall. Every person, independent of what they do in this life will 1. live forever and 2. return to the presence of God (only to be judged) thanks to the atonement of Jesus Cristo. Then because of the atonement, we can also repent and develop more attributes of Christ.

Third. Judgment.

In Alma 12 we learn a lot. verse 16 talks about a 2nd spiritual death. After being saved spiritually and temporally from the atonement of Christ we will be judged according to our works. If our works are not in accordance with a celestial law we will die spiritually again because we will chose to be separated once again from the presence of God. Thanks to the atonement, we can appear at this judgment ''Sin mancha''. (without stain? i think is how you call it in english)

Now the grace and mercy. 

Grace is the power which makes it possible that we receive the blessings of the atonement. Then, after all we can do, it is also the power that gives us exaltation. This power was and is provided by the mercy that God has toward us. Mercy is the spirit of compassion. Mercy is an attribute of God. God showed us mercy by sending His son. Christ offers mercy through the power of Grace and atonement. Yes, we are resurrected and brought back to the presence of God by grace alone. BUT! We are only exalted and given eternal life with God by his grace AND after all we can do. We need to develop the attribute of Mercy as part of the ''all we can do''. Along with faith, repentance, saving ordinances etc. 


Gía para estudio de las escrituras (GEE En español) Under Gracia y misericordia
Mateo 9:36 (mercy is compassion) 
Juan 1:17
Acts 15:11
Efesios 2:8
Alma chapters 32, 32, 12
2 Nefi  2:8, 10:24, 25:23
Ether chapter 12:26-27
Moroni chapter 10:32-33

I learned that through the Grace of God, because he has mercy toward those who believe in his name, we are resurrected and brought back to his presence. I know that, only after all we can do, can we be saved (eternal life with God). Because God sent his Son Jesus Christ to suffer, die, and resurrected for us, we are given the gift of immortality and the ability to repent. 

Well thats what I understand. I hope it clears some things up for you if you didn't understand it before! I still have a lot to learn but I´ll keep studying. 

Love you all lots and lots. 

Hurrah for Israel!

Elder Gehring



A very nice house

'' We love you president '' for his birthday.

Omar and Diana


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