Monday, November 24, 2014

Clases de Inglés

This week was so short. There are only a few things I need to tell. 

1. Everyone thinks my companion is Latino. En consejo de Barrio, el obispado me asignó que empezara clases de ingles. Todo  el tiempo me hablaba a mi y ni una vez a mi compañero. Después, Elder Garcia y yo hablamos y decidimos que nadie sabe que él habla inglés.Everone thinks my companion is a Latin.  In ward council, the bishop assigned me to start English classes.  The whole time he talked to me and not even once to my companion.  Later Elder Garcia and I talked about it and decided that no one knows that he speaks English.

2. Jorge Carvajal. Lo encontramos a él en el ascensor hace 2 semanas y está progresando mucho y rápido. Él fue a Historia Familiar, ha hecho su librito ´Mi Familia´, y asiste a todas las actividades del barrio. Y también cada Domingo. Se va a bautizar el 6 de diciembre. Está leyendo, está feliz, y sus oraciones me hace humillar. Jose Carvajal.  We met him in the elevator two weeks ago and he is very well and rapidly.  He went to Family History class; he has made out his My Family brochure, and attends all the ward activities.  Also every Sunday.  He is going to be baptized the 6th of December.  He is reading, he is happy and his prayers humble me.

3. Imprimimos invitaciones a clases de inglés y las repartimos en una plaza de nuestro área. Vimos a dos hombres sentados y hablamos con ellos. Ellos vieron la invitación y empezaron a hablarnos en inglés. Nos dijeron que vivían en los estados. Ni modo, les invitamos que vinieran a nuestra clase para ayudarnos enseñar. We printed up invitations to the English class and handed them out in the park in our area.  We saw two men who were sitting down and spoke with them.  They saw the invitation and began talking to us in English.  They told us that they lived in the U.S.  That didn't matter, we invited them to our class to help us teach.

4. Cantamos en una celebración de los 50 años de la Iglesia en bolivia. Fuimos a un coliseo y después de la primera oración, todos los misioneros cantaron 3 himnos. Había una pantalla grande para que todos vean. La persona grabando todo la celebración enfocó la cámara directamente en mi cara. Ahora soy famoso aquí en Santa Cruz. We sang in a 50 year celebration of the Church in Bolivia.  We went to a coliseum and after the first prayer, all the missionaries sang three hymns.  They had a large screen that all could see.  The person recording the celebration focused the camera directly at my face.  Now I am famous here in Santa Cruz. 

5. Comimos KFC esta semana para el día de acción de gracias. Nadie nos dijo que no fue hasta esta semana que viene. We ate at Kentucky Fried Chicken this week for Thanksgiving day.  No one told us that it wasn't until next week. 

6. I'm allergic to mangas. It turns out that every time I eat mangas my face get super itchy, the inside of my mouth hurts really bad, and I get tons of sores all over my lips. It really is not fun because during the end of the year here is mango season. They are really really cheap to buy. You can buy about 50 mangos for 10bs. (1.25$) But I cant eat them! Because then I'm miserable for 2 weeks. 

7. Clases de Ingles. So we are staring to teach english classes this week. We will see how it goes. I hope people come. We are praying that people bring non member friends so we can find more people to teach about the gospel. 

Thats about it. This next week and the next next week will be much more interesting with cambios coming up. Love you all lots and lots.

Hurrah for Israel!

Elder Gehring

Elder Bennett

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