Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas week

Happy Cristmas.

This week was full of magical Christmas spirit as we spread the news of Christ´s birth to every living creature. 

On Tuesday we had a Conferencia Navideña and as a mission we felt and shared the love God has for us through the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. We studied the scriptures and the stories of those who came to see the baby Jesus. We studied the sacrifices made to see him, the time dedicated to him, and the love shown to him as all types of people recognized the Savior of the world. 

We ate a delicious lunch all together and then we had a Christmas concert of sorts. All the zones prepared their own special musical number and then performed it for the other missionaries and the members who came to see. For our zone, I combined the songs Jesus es mi Luz, O Come all Ye Faithful, and Far Far away on Judeas Plain, and made an arrangement for piano and choir. We sang and actually it turned out really well. The congregation sang with us for part of the time and we finished strong. The whole conference brought the spirit and the mission was elevated from the love of President Willard and the love we felt from God. 

Christmas day we visited a few members and a few investigadors. Not many people were home. Well, they were home but they all answered the door saying they weren't. Christmas here really is just a day with the family. They light off a lot of fireworks and they love staying up late. Christmas music doesn't exsist here. That made me a little sad. I love christmas music. Also there weren't as many lights as I was hoping.

Also they eat so much fruit cake. Its not good nor healthy but they love it here. I can't even tell you how many times we were offered a glass of Coca Cola with a slice of ´Paneton´ which is what they call the fruit cake here. I don't ever want to eat it again. I probably will next Christmas though.

I was studying the role of the prophet and I found a scripture in DyC 107:91.

I then studied the life of Moses. Who he was, how he acted, his Christ like atributes, and why this scripture says what it does. I learned a lot. I want to be more like Moses. 

I invite you to be like him. Study his life, his way of acting, his love for others. As you do, you will become more like Christ and find a new level of happiness in  your life.

I love you all. I love Jesus Christ. I love Bolivia. I don't love fruit cake, but I love the people here.

Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Gehring
P.S. No les he enviado fotos hace mucho tiempo. 
Aquí están algunas de las semanas pasadas.
Les amo,
Elder Gehring

Christmas Eve

Christmas with lights


Kitten hiding in the grass

Me and a 1 year old on his birthday

Me and a 1 year old

Me and the tree

More Christmas

More treeeeee

My closet

My presents!!

My stocking

Our kitchen

Our Pensionista and his Christmas tree

Rainbow in Bolivia

The view in our area


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