Monday, June 15, 2015


Dear Family,

Here are some fotos from this week. They highlight the most interesting parts. But here are a few things details.

1. We milked a cow. The owners are investigators and needed help. We love to serve so of course we said yes. They milk them every single day. 45-60 liters every night!!

2. Here's the house I live in now. Its green inside. Pretty simple. Also it gets really cold inside because they are not very many outside walls for the sun to hit. 

3. This is my chapel. Its the stake center. Its pretty neat. 

4. We had a noche de hogar (family home evening) with several families that live in our area (Barrio San Luis). Addresses here are by barrio (ward) and calle (street). The confusing thing is, the church also uses barrios (wards). So, in our ward (church) of Paraíso, there are several wards (addresses) San Luis, Petrolero, San Jerónimo, Miraflores, etc. The FHE we did was with people from the barrio (address) of San Luis. 

5. We did service where we cleaned up a cemetary. It was a long trip but worth it. We had to cross a bridge so I took some pictures. 

6. This week I read a lovely poem from Abril 2013 General Conference. Boyd K. Packer: These Things I Know. I invite you all to read it.

I know Christ lives. He loves me.

Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Gehring
This is part of Elder Gehring's letter to Mom: I am sad I'm missing another birthday of yours. Not to worry, I'll still celebrate with my companion. We bought ice cream and some cookies. Its not quite like blue bell but it'll work. The main brand here is called 'Pil' and they make milk, cheese, yogurt, icecream, jugos. Stuff like that. And to celebrate even more, we milked a cow whose milk is sold daily to Pil. Soooo... we milked a cow, sold the milk, and then the next day bought icecream. I'm positive it was the same milk we took out of the cow. Im pretty sure your birthday would be way more fun here in Bolivia. Maybe next June we all go for you and chelseas bday! ;) I love it here. 

This week was great. We met some rich Italians who live here in Tarija. The are wonderful and prepared to recieve the Gospel. Oh, and I met an 85 year old man who has 1 leg. Also.... he sells a homemade medical syrup. He claims its the cure for cancer. Love it!!
Sacando la leche
El dueno me enseno todo

Elder Murillo

La Casa

La Ciudad de Tarija (en frente de la estaca)

La Estaca Paraiso

La Vista de una Puente por la norte

Las Camas

Mi companero y la vaca

Noche de Hogar del Barrio San Luis

On the bridge

Ordenar la vaca


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