Monday, June 8, 2015

Sickness in Bolivia

Hello family.

This week was wonderful. We found a new investigator. His name is Marco. He, in our first lesson with him, accepted to be baptized on the 27 of June. He came to church yesterday. He stayed for the 3 hours and told us he had never felt so happy. God prepares people and I am grateful to have the opportunity to find those prepared people, teach them, help them enter the waters of baptism, and then help them in their progress toward the temple. 

We are also teaching the Sossa Family. This wonderful family consists of the mom and dad, 4 kids, and 4 grandkids. They all want to be baptized. They havent accepted a date yet because its hard to find them all together. Yesterday we taught the mom about family history and temple work. Her eyes filled with tears as she learned about the miracle of baptism for the dead. She then told us that the temple was her only desire. The Lord prepares his children. 

Today I'm writing a little late because I am sick. We fasted on saturday which was fine. Then sunday came around and I was still fine! After lunch we had a successful afternoon and at 5pm we headed back to the chapel for Ward Council. I started feeling really cold about 5 minutes into the meeting. By the end I was shivering and could hardly stand. I was not very smart and didn't say much to my companion. We worked after ward council like normal. I was feeling pretty nasty at this point and I told my companion that we should probably go home a little early. We worked until about 8:30 instead of 9. We got home, I was freezing cold, we planned, and I got straight into bed. I was going to call for the key indicators of the zone but I couldn't even get out of bed. Then I'm not really sure what happened until about 2:30 in the morning. My companion woke up to a very lound bang. Apparently I had been in and out of bed since 10 or so. I had put my mattress on the floor, I had different clothes on, and I looked like I ''wasn't there'' is what my companion said. At about 2:30 my companion found me in the bathroom with horrible stomach pains. I started realizing what was happening and I felt a lot of pain in my head and elbow. I was dripping with sweat, my shirt looked like I had taken it swimming and my hair was all over the place. He talked to me until I was to some degree aware of what was going on. The loud bang my companion heard was me fainting in the other room. For some reason I had gone out of our bed room and I apparently passed out. I hit my elbow on something becuase I had a huge scrape and one of our bookshelves was moved like something had hit it. I think it was me. Elder Murillo called the health secretary (Elder Butts from our stake) and he told me to drink a lot of water and try to eat something. I think I ate cereal. I then woke up at 6:30am with our normal alarm. I immediately went to the bathroom and threw up everything I had eaten for the past week. It didn't make me feel better. Since then, I have been trying to rest but my whole body hurts so bad I can even get comfortable. I finally ate a few bananas and took digestan (something to help my stomach). I showered and we came to internet. Now I'm here. Its been the longest 18 hours of my life. 

Don't worry though!!! I was given a blessing, I am drinking a lot of powerade, and I haven't thrown up for like 3 hours!! I consider it a blessing. 

I may be in bed until tomorrow just so I don't get worse. Turns out one of the sisters in our ward (another missionary) has the same thing I do. I think it may have been the food we ate. (We eat lunch in the same place.) She and I are the only gringo misionaries and the only ones who got sick. Go figure. 

This week we also had interviews with President. I love every second of my interviews. Sometimes they are pretty short but I feel his love always. 

I love the good days and I am grateful for what I learn from the bad days. 

If you ever come to Bolivia I recommend not getting sick. 

Jesus is the Christ and knows my pains. I am thankful for Him. 

Hurrah for Israel!!

With amor,
Elder Gehring

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