Monday, June 29, 2015


My dearest family,

I believe in miracles. I believe that they all come from God. I believe in a ''Father in Heaven [who] mentors His children and often sends unseen heavenly help to those who desire to follow the Savior.'' I have an unending desire to follow the Savior. I haven't always seen such a desire before in my life. Before my mission, yes I loved the Savior. I desired to follow Him. I wanted to please Him. But I had other desires. I wanted to study for me, I wanted to work for me, I wanted to have a family for me. Now, my only and greatest desire is to follow the Savior. Now, I love Him more and understand to a greater depth the role He plays in my life. He is the Savior of the world. He is the Son of God.

This week as I have grown closer to Him through trials and tribulations, I have felt the unseen heavenly help that was promised by Christ during the last night he passed with His Apostles. I have seen miracles. I know they come from Him.

We are teaching a young man named Marco Inta. He accepted to be baptized the first time we met him but shortly after attending church for the first time, he traveled to La Paz. This week he came back. We had called- no answer. We passed by his house- no answer. We sent him text messages expressing our love for him. This Sunday after unsuccessfully picking up several investigators and with sad hearts but high hopes, we went to the chapel alone. As the clock rapidly approached 9:00am a young man with his best pair of jeans, his cleanest t-shirt and his polished work boots, peeked his head in the doors of the chapel just far enough so we caught a glimpse of his timid face. Marco Inta waved at us and we leaped up to greet him. I have never felt such happiness. He accompanied us all 3 hours of church and we asked if we could meet with him for a few minutes after the meetings. He agreed. We talked about his feelings, his desires, and his concerns. He expressed his interest in the Gospel Principles topic that had just been taught- The Fast. We explained in more depth the law of the Fast and his understanding gave him hope. He expressed a few family concerns and asked if he could fast so that his family members could receive help. I was humbled by Marco's faith and true desire to follow the Savior, a desire that I am just beginning to understand. We agreed to fast with him. Today at 12:00pm Elder Murillo and I knelt in prayer to end our fast. We felt the love of the Lord as we poured out our hearts in gratitude. We know that Marco Inta felt the same. In that same lesson after church, Marco accepted the invitation to be baptized. He will be baptized the 11th of July 2015. He is a truly converted soul who has pure desires to follow the Savior. I am grateful for the law of the fast. As President Eyring so clearly taught this past General Conference, ‘’ [fasting] will heal and change hearts ’’. Marco has healed and changed my heart. I am grateful for him.

I know that miracles come to those who seek the Lord with all their heart, might, mind, and strength. I know that miracles come to lost souls who give their all to the Lord, as did Marco Inta. God lives. He blesses us as we dedicate our lives to Him and have the desire to follow His Son.

Miracles happen, once in a while… if you believe.  

Hurrah for Israel!

Elder Gehring

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