Monday, August 10, 2015

Semana de Cambios

This week has been full of work. I was put into a Trio with the Presidents Secretary ELder WInterholler, and with the Finance Secretary Elder Solis. We have been stuck in the offices until late almost every day this week. And today we are in the middle of transfers. President had me work on a few projects for the mission while he was in Tarija and then we helped him with a new missionary and trainers meeting. I had the privilage to have a council with the trainers to see what it is that they need to be better trainers.We got some good ideas. Im nervous for this coming week. We have leadership council and its our job to train the leaders of the mission. We'll see how that goes. 
Elder Winterholler is great. He is my grandson in the offices! I trained his trainer as secretary to President. And now I was able to work with him, help in what I could but I couldnt do much. Hes got the whole secretary thing down better than I did. 
This week I will be in my new area with Elder Allasia . He is my new companion for good. We are going to be in Abundancia (Bountiful). The goal is to baptize every week. We are going to work our tails off to deserve the help of the Lord. Im excited. 
Just quick I wanted to share what Presidente WIllard shared with us in his weekly letter today. It has to do with change, repentance, etc. Its half in spanish so I hope Google Translate helps a little. 

      He said: ' “Cambios.” ¿Cómo es posible que una palabra puede evocar tantas emociones diferentes? La palabra en ingles (transfers) no tiene el mismo significado. Un “cambio” en la misión se refiere a un periodo de tiempo donde algo o alguien debe cambiar. Si nada cambia, no puede ser un verdadero “cambio.” Según la doctrina de Cristo, la palabra es … arrepentirse. 

Hace poco escuché un discurso del Presidente Russell M. Nelson donde explicó el significado de la palabra “arrepentimiento” del Griego:μετάνοια.

GR Meta (cambiar, change) Noeo - noes (la mente, mind) gnosis (el conocimiento, knowledge) pneuma (el aire, air, el espíritu, spirit) pen (respirar, breathe)

Cuando me arrepiento, estoy cambiando mi mente, mi conocimiento, mi espíritu, aun hasta la manera de respirar. Este tipo de arrepentimiento es una conversión real, un proceso que continua hasta que yo llegue a ser “aun como El es.”

In English: “When I repent, I am changing my mind, my knowledge, my spirit, and even the way I breathe. This type of repentance is conversion, which is a process that will continue until I become “even as He is."
I love the letters from him every week. I hope this transfer I change. Its the goal. I hope I change, so others change. I hope I change so my companion changes, I hope I change so my future changes. I love change. It purifies us and lets us become who He sees. 
Love you all lots,
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Gehring

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