Monday, April 6, 2015

Mad dogs and General Conference

Good Morning Family,

There were many things that happened this week. 

1. We went to the lomas de arena.
2. Elder Mamani and I were almost killed by a dog named Kaiser.
3. It rained hard.
4. We watched General Conference in a flooded chapel.
5. It rained some more.
6. We met Abundio and Gladis.

1. So this past monday we had an activity. My comp and I decided to ask permision to go the local lomas de arena (sand dunes). We took a micro (a guy in our ward has a micro). We ate salteñas on the way and crossed many rivers in a non-river-crossing micro. We had to push a micro that got planted in a lot of sand and we played beach futbol in the hot sun. These dunes are very big. They are very sandy. They are just huge piles of sand. Ill send fotos so you can understand. It ended up being a really fun activity. We were dead tired afterward but we had a blast. 

2. There is a family of recient converts that has a dog that hates the missionaries. His name is Kaiser. He is always locked inside their front gate and usually just barks a lot at us when we pass by. This week we stopped in to say hello and right when we got there, another family member also got there. We tried to talk but Kaiser was barking so loud we couldnt hear anything. We decided to leave. After walking down the street about 3 houses we heard screaming from the family and the faint barking got louder and louder. We realized that as the family member tried to enter the front gate that Kaiser had escaped. We ran for our lives but he ran faster. He almost chewed our legs off and thanks to our scripture bags, we were saved. We hit him in the face several times with 8 or 9 lbs of scripture and materials but it didnt do much. My comp sacrificed his bag and Kaiser almost ripped a hole in it. The mom of the family came running and finally got him to run back to the house. I have always been thankful for the scriptures, I know they teach doctrine that leads us to eternal life. I also know now that they save lives from large, angry, dogs.

3. It rained really really hard.

4. We got to the stake center while it rained really really hard. The patio outside then started to flood. The water then started to enter the hallways and then into the chapel. Its not a huge deal beacuse its all tile (not carpet like the EEUU). We just had to sweep all the water out. It was a wonderful conference. I learned a lot about love, marriage, repentance, the Second Coming, and the role Adam and Eve played in the Plan of Salvation. I loved it all. I was able to watch in English and then when the 2 spoke in Spanish, I was able to go to the other room and watch it in spanish. Its such a blessing to be able to hear their actual voice. 

5. It rained really really hard again.

6. Let me tell you about Abundio and Gladis. About 2 weeks ago the ward had an activity where todos salieron de la capilla and went to go talk to everyone they could. Recibimos muchas referencias y contactamos casi todos. Gladis fue una de las ultimas que tuvimos que contactar. Esta semana lo hicimos. Les hablamos a ella y a su esposo. Nos dejaron entrar y enseñamos lo que el Espíritu nos decía. Fue una lección espiritual y en el fin aceptaron la invitación de bautizarse. We are now working with the so they can make these sacred covenants with the Lord.

The Church is true. Jesus is the living Christ. I love Him and sustain His profets and apostoles. Happy Easter to all. #BecauseHeLives we too will live again. 

Hurrah for Israel! 

Elder Gehring
By the lake

Cactus in the field

Elder Mamani, Jesus, and Yo

First river crossing

I jumped and got stuck

In the air pose

In the air shots

In the Micro on the way

Sumamente grande las lomas
It was sunny and windy

Las Lomas

Little houses

Me by the sign

More in the mirco

My comp and I

On the top of the dunes

Sandy dunes

Selfie in the bus

The Sign

This was a huge huge field in the middle. You don't even know how huge!

Zona Pirai

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