Monday, May 18, 2015

A Poem

Dear family,
Here are some fotos. 

This week it rained a lot. 

We also served a little bit. I wrote a poem to help illustrate what happened. 

Once upon a rainy day, we were very very wet. 
Walking down the slippery road, a nice young fellow we met.
Very distressed was he, so we asked him there, what it was we could do.
He did not answer, but was assuring us, his car, he bought brand new.
We told him ´´Brother! we will help! Alone you´ll never leave this mud!``
We started to push for many miles, the path stained with blood.
With tired arms and weak legs, we told him who we were,
``We`re missionaries who serve the Lord``, we told him we had a cure:
Not only for broken cars and trucks, but also broken men.
Come and He will heal your heart, but we said it all in Spanish... ``Ven!``

Elder Gehring
Bolivian House

Full Zone Pirai

Truck Stop

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