Monday, May 4, 2015


Dear Family,

Its staring to be cold again. And rainy. It rained last night a lot. I thought the water was going to flood into our house. Luckily it didnt. It did start coming through the roof a little but only the wall and a little bit of the techo got wet. 

A lady in our ward made us cookies this sunday. They were a blessing after a day of walking in the rain. My shoes got wet but thats okay, we had cookies. 

We also bought protein powder this week. Just wait about 6 weeks and I'll be huge. 

I held a duck this week, it was yellow and very fluffy. I took a picture of it in my pocket. It didnt like very much to be in my pocket.

We talked about faith this week. I learned a lot about it. I found a secret recepie for faith in Moroni 7. 

Chairty ---> Humility ---> Meekness ---> Hope ---> Faith

Read the whole chapter side by side with Ether 12. Itll teach you a lot.  

Love you all lots and lots and lots and lots. 

Jesus is the Jehova of the Old Testament and the Mesiah of the New Testament. He lives and is the First Born and Only Begotten of the Father. I love Him. 

Love you lots,

Elder Gehring
Duck in my pocket

Duck leaving my pocket

Mass XXX

This is President, his wife, his son and his nuera. 



Sunday  morning walk to church

Ward council

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