Monday, May 11, 2015


Hello Family,

There's not much to say but I'll tell you about the k´jaras. 

K´jaras is a typical friday night activity in Bolivia. It consits of a large group of people basically have a bbq together. In the plate there is a bunch of corn, sliced cheese, pig skin, and then a pig steak, and a sasauge. Its sooo good. We cant eat pork here in the mission so mine was the same just with chicken. Oh and you eat it without utensils. 

Also they eat it with soda. There is no such thing as a meal without soda. 

The coolest part is that an investigator came with us. His name is Wilber and he works for the Choquevilca family (where we live). He is awesome. Has tons of friends and is progressing little by little. I just hope I don't get transferred this next week so I can see his baptism. 

I miss you all lots and I love you tons. 

Dont forget to pray. God listens.

Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Gehring
Demetrio, Reynaldo, and I

Jungle area

Las K'Jaras

Miguel Bruno and I

The Choquevilca Family and Wilber

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