Monday, May 25, 2015


Dear Mom and Dad and Emma and Chelsea and Family,

So I got transferred. I had been in my other area for 6 months. I didnt want to leave. I loved my ward and the people we were teaching. I know the Lord had something else in mind though. He moved me to Tarija. My area is called ''Paraíso''. Paraíso in english is Paradise. I literally am in Paradise. I love it here. To start, the weather is so much better. Its dry, sunny, and cold. If you are in the shade you need a sweater. If  you are in the sun, its pretty warm. I really feel like Im in Provo during October. Im in the mountains and the people here are wonderful. Ill send you some pictures.

Im still getting to know the area so there isnt too much to tell. I did get to know the Sosa Family. They are investigating the church and are wonderful. There are 10 in total. The dad is in the campo working until June 15 but when he gets home, all of them want to be baptized. Pray for them! They need it. 

We also are working with the Rocha family. They were inactive for about 10 years. The mom is now active again, their kids now are baptized and we are working with all their family members who arent members. Pray for them too.

Other than that the work is great here. We see miracles every day. My companion was bit by a dog my first day here. It was pretty funny. Luckily it had all its shots and everything. We washed it out with a lot of soap and water and then with alcohol. My companion is named Elder Murillo. He is from Equador but has lived in Spain for the past 15 years. He has a sweet accent. 

The Zone is great, and we have 22 people in total. Andaluz is our name. A huge zone. We are excited. We have great district leaders and they all work hard and love the Lord. 

I gave a talk on sunday. It was about humility. Sometimes I am not very humble. I often have to repent. 

I love you all. The Lord lives and is my and your Savior. 

Hurrah for Israel!

Elder Gehring
Airport to Tarija

Elder Murillo

A giant tree


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